Step Inside Sienna Miller’s Cozy Country Cottage


Sienna Miller is giving the word “cozy” a whole new meaning.
As for the proof? Well, look no further than her country cottage located in Buckinghamshire, England, which is about 45 minutes outside of London. The gorgeous, secluded abode—which has six bedrooms and sits on a private estate—is like “the biggest tiny house you’ve ever seen,” Sienna said in Architectural Digest‘s Open-Door video posted Aug. 1. “Somehow it keeps on going.”
The 40-year-old explained that she bought the home during a time where she needed a solid place to escape the public eye. “I bought this house when I was 25, in a moment of real panic,” Sienna shared. “I was sort of in London, and life was very intense, and I just was dreaming about having a place to get away to, and I saw this place online.”
After deciding to just “rent it for a year,” the actress said she came to see it and realized it was the one. “I fell completely in love and bought it,” she added. “It’s really my sanctuary, it’s where I come to do nothing.”


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