Stranger Things Writers Confirm They’ve Started Season 5


We still haven’t recovered from season four, but Stranger Things season five is already on its way!

The Stranger Things writing team confirmed that they’re back to work with an Aug. 2 tweet reading: “Day 1.”

The tweet was accompanied by a dry erase board with the Stranger Things logo on top of a big number five. Sure, the tweet doesn’t reveal much. But we’re already terrified.

When we last left our scrappy Hawkins gang, Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) had succeeded in in merging the Upside Down with their Indiana hometown. In the season four finale, Will (Noah Schnapp) confirmed that he and Vecna are still connected after they were linked to each other in season two.

As for how Jamie would like to things play out in season five?

“We all know by now that Vecna and Will have history,” Jamie told E! News in July. “So it would be a joy to to get back in there as I’ll gently put it.”

Are you listening, writers?


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