Summer Special: These 5 Cold Soup Recipes Will Help You Cool Down In This Heat


Summers are here in full swing, and now every hour, we are just looking for something cold to have. Whether it is a bowl of freshly cut fruits, a delicious summer cooler, some juices, and even salads, these things help us cool down in this heat. But did you know that soups too could help you feel cool in this sweaty weather? Now we know that soups generally equate to a hot bowl of water and vegetables mixed with different flavours. But in summer, let us tell you, your regular soups get a cold twist! Yes, you heard us! A thing like cold soup does exist, and they are one of the healthiest recipes to try. These cold soups are loaded with nutrients and keep your stomach cool. Today, we bring you some easy-to-make cold soup recipes. Check them out below:

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Here Are 5 Cold Soups To Try

1. Cucumber Soup:

Cucumber is one of those things that are widely and easily available at any local market. So, why not give it a new face and make some soup out of it?! This soup recipe makes use of everyday ingredients and is quick to make. It will be ready in just 10 minutes.

Cucumber Soup

2. Watermelon Soup

This intriguing recipe is essentially a cold soup made with watermelon puree and fresh mint and sautéed with a flavorful ginger-garlic mixture and chilli flakes. After a few hours of chilling, it’s served with ice cubes, and mint leaves on top.

Spicy Watermelon Soup

3. Chilled Melon Soup

This recipe is a must-try if you like a hearty and creamy dish. The flavours of this soup are subtle, making it perfect for this weather. This recipe is made with melons, grape juice, lime and cream. You can pair it with some toasted bread.

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4. Chilled Pea And Mint Soup

This one may sound a bit offbeat, but it is undoubtedly worth trying. The texture of this soup is creamy, and the mint leaves give it a refreshing flavour. You can have it as both warm and cold.

Peas and Mint Soup

5. Gazpacho

If you think that a yummy tomato soup is only relished when hot, it’s time to rethink! Gazpacho is a cold version of tomato soup that is made using a mix of vegetables and spices. You can also add mint leaves and cream from the top if you want to.

Try out these cold soups this summer and refresh yourself!


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