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May 28, 2022

Your charisma levels are off the charts starting on Saturday, when your ruler, alluring Venus, soars into your sign and elevates your animal magnetism until June 22. Venus rules both love and your moral compass, so utilize her influence strategically. Has an ongoing conflict with someone in your life been causing stress? It’s possible that you simply possess a different value system. If it seems like there’s no common ground in sight, give yourself some space. While this may be momentarily painful, think of all the time you’ll free up to spend with the people who truly appreciate you! If you’re having trouble gathering the courage to make this big change, Sunday’s Mars-Jupiter mashup in your twelfth house of healing conclusions could give you an infusion of bravery. Tap into the strong-minded energy of the red planet and set a firm boundary. You’re a loyal creature, Bull—sometimes to a fault. If this relationship is bringing nothing but toxicity into your life, why do you continue to cling to it? Sometimes letting go is best for everyone.

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