Thailand YouTuber Tries Authentic South Indian Food; His Reaction Is Too Good To Miss


The internet is full of videos of foreigners trying Indian food and reviewing it. We have seen many food enthusiasts having the famous butter chicken, naan, dal makhani and certain paneer sabzis, but we hardly get to see them trying out more regional dishes. Of course, these dishes might be more popular; however, when a foreigner tries our regional cuisine, it makes us curious to know about their experience and reaction. Recently, Mark Wiens, a YouTuber from Thailand, shared his experience of having authentic south Indian food. The YouTuber tried out 18 different dishes, which were served to him on a banana leaf. His reaction to these dishes has definitely caught the attention of many!

He uploaded a short reel of having south Indian food on his Instagram handle @migrationology. The video begins with a lady serving him mango pickle, aloo jeera, cabbage poriyal, avial, ponni rice, puri, dal, chana masala and more on his banana leaf.

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Mark first mixes some lentil and chickpea masala on his rice with some sambhar and tastes it. The man is left speechless as he can be seen enjoying the taste. Next, he mixes various dishes one by one in his rice and appreciates the food. Lastly, you can also see him pouring some rasam in the palm of his hand and having it the traditional Indian way!

In the video, you can also hear Mark saying, “An overwhelming quantity, diversity and variety. It is truly a beautiful food culture.” Mark Weins tried this food in a South Indian restaurant in Bangkok. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since Mark Weins uploaded the video, it has been viewed 647K times, has 44.6K likes and hundreds of comments! Many people have said that the food looks delicious and that they would like to try it too! One person wrote, “I’m going here for sure.” Another person said, “That’s how it’s done! On a piece of banana leaf and dishes laid out. Authentic!” Some people also said, “That looks so good. I’m hungry now!” and “Southern Indian food is the best. Easy on the stomach and rich in flavours.”

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Another person also said, “I’m living in south India and South Indian food is the best. But then again, Indian food is the best hahah.”

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