The 12 Best Beachy Hairstyles That Are Chic and Simple


Not to rub it in for any of my East Coast friends, but living in Southern California means that it’s beach weather most of the year. Between our proximity to the beach and the fact that temperatures linger around 70°F even in the winter, it’s safe to say we’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge when it comes to beachy hairstyles. I feel confident I can spot a good beachy hairstyle immediately. 

Whether you’re actually going to the beach or just hanging out near the water, you want a hairstyle that feels effortless and cool but can also withstand some ocean breeze. Anything too perfect or styled is bound to get ruined, so finding a laid-back look that also makes you feel good is key.  Below, I’ve outlined the 12 beachy hairstyles that check all of these boxes plus the key products you’ll need to get each look. 


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