The 13 Best Classics Bags to Invest In Now


There’s no denying the renewed interest in classic style and timeless investment purchases recently. Classic outfits are appearing more and more in the wardrobes of insiders, with looks leaning heavily into fashion-forward staples like tailored blazers, crisp button-downs, and polished loafers. Investment-bag purchases have also been on the rise, with iconic styles including the Hermès Kelly bag increasing dramatically in sales over the last several years.

So what does this signal? While cool, trendy bags are still mega-hot items, classic bags are in full focus as shoppers are prioritizing smart investment purchases that will withstand the test of time. That’s also translating to what we’re seeing on the market, where brands are introducing styles that are of the moment but feel equally relevant to wear years into the future. Ahead are the 13 best classic bags to invest in now, from the under-$300 bag everyone is talking about to iconic designer styles.


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