The 15 Best Colors to Wear for Your Skin Tone


As far as we’ve been told, finding the right color for your skin tone is very difficult business. Articles ask us to examine the color of the veins on our wrist in order to find our undertones, but figuring out the most flattering colors to wear shouldn’t have to be so complicated, right?

We wanted to cut through the nonsense and nail down the specific colors that will flatter each skin tone, so we broke things down by five general ones to make things as simple as possible. Below, you’ll find our easy guide to wearing the most flattering colors for your skin tone so you’ll never have to second-guess yourself again. (Of course, this shouldn’t deter you from wearing whatever color you want on any given day.)

As an added bonus, it comes complete with shopping options to help you dress your best—totally hassle-free. Ready to check it all out? Read on for our guide to which colors are the most flattering for your skin tone.


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