The 17 Best ColourPop Cosmetics Products


If I had to choose one affordable makeup brand to rule them all, I’d pick ColourPop in a heartbeat. There, I said it. It’s a brand I’ll continually stan for its incredibly high-quality offerings at such a low price point. Sometimes, even I find it hard to believe some of the price tags. One item in particular that I’ll never stop buying is the brand’s eye shadows

Even before my career took me down the path of becoming a beauty writer, I was constantly stuffing as many of the brand’s shadows in my cart as I could on a weekly basis (I’m really not joking). I was in high school, just beginning to learn about makeup and how to create looks for my particular type of eye shape. The Super Shock Shadows always delivered exactly the level of pigmentation I was looking for on any given day. This love affair has continued long into my adult years as I still have a few older shades I pull out of the vault that the brand doesn’t even make anymore. A few are even broken, but I still continue to use them (the dedication is real). In the above photo, I’m wearing one of my favorite hues (Drift) and it still gets the job done.

Even though I’ll always swear by the brand’s eye products, I’ve branched out over the years, too, and love many of its other offerings just as much. If you’re budget-conscious but want quality makeup that always delivers, keep scrolling below for all the best ColourPop products to add to your cart today. 


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