The 20 Best Orly Nail Polishes to Add to Your Collection


I’m a nail polish girl through and through. Like, to give you some context, I probably owned more than 100 bottles before I hit the age of ten, and the eclectic span of brands—from Claire’s to Jane to OPI—was just as impressive. And really, my obsession with nail polish has only increased as the years have gone on. Again, for context, I now have an entire closet dedicated to the stuff. 

There are tons of amazing brands killing it in the nail space right now, but Orly, a brand that’s made in LA, vegan, and cruelty-free, will always have a super-special place in my heart and is responsible for some of my all-time favorite hues. (The fact that each bottle holds 20% more polish than competing brands and the payoff and finish of the lacquer itself looks like a professional manicure are just icing on the cake.) To pay homage to the brand I’m giving a S/O to Orly’s top 20 best-sellers, just below. (The #1 of which just so happens to be one of summer’s incoming, most-wanted shades.) Keep scrolling! 20 of the best Orly nail polishes are just ahead. 


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