The 20 Best Raw-Hem Denim Jeans for Women


I recently shared my adoration for loose jeans. Believe it or not, I strictly wore skinny jeans for a good decade before making this switch. Furthermore, it’s those relaxed styles that are a bit distressed with a raw hem that I’m especially loving. Yep, loose, raw-hem denim is making a comeback in my wardrobe after many years. In some cases, I’ll buy jeans that already have the raw hem, but I’ve also cut jeans myself to achieve the said look.

I’m certainly not alone here. I’ve actually been spotting more and more fashion people on IG style outfits featuring raw-hem denim. On that note, I pulled a few of the looks that stood out to me in case you too are looking for denim styling inspiration. Keep scrolling for more, including some of my favorite raw-hem jeans of the moment to shop. 


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