The 22 Best Luxury Items Our Editors Will Stand By Forever


Investing in a luxury piece can bring up a lot of emotions: pride, excitement, nervousness, anxiety… Anything is possible when you’re about to spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands on what—at the end of the day—is a fashion item. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should be deterred. 

As long as you’re spending within your means, have done your research, and feel that your purchase will—as they say—spark joy, we say go for it. And if you’re currently mulling something over and want to know what pieces and brands fashion editors stand by from personal experience, I’ve got you covered. I recently tapped our team to spill on the investment pieces they spent big on without any regret and as always, they delivered.

From jewelry and handbags to outerwear and more, just keep scrolling to see what splurges they’re standing by forever and shop them along the way. 


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