The 23 Best Joggers for Women That Are Outselling Jeans


Surprise, surprise—sweatpants are selling like crazy right now. I hope you read that with a healthy dose of sarcasm because based on the number of sweatpant stories we’ve published and my own personal lounge ‘fits, it’s abundantly clear that the humble sweatpant has achieved worldwide fame. Sweatpants and joggers have become our daily staples where jeans once were.

What’s more, they’ve even outpaced our beloved leggings, previously a go-to for comfy style. According to a recent Edited report, leggings have seen a small uptick in sales, but sweatpants saw a 12% growth compared to last year, which leads me to believe that it’s not only us—everyone must be living in joggers at the moment. The report also noted that sellouts of sweatpants have officially outpaced both jeans and leggings, with a 115% increase from last year.

If that doesn’t validate your loungewear choices, I don’t know what will. To reinforce our findings, I’ve highlighted all the jogger micro-trends that are dominating the market right now, so scroll through this edit of the best joggers for women to find your next pair.


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