The 26 Best Plunge Bras for Low-Cut Tops


When shopping for a plunge bra, the most important thing to keep in mind is what you’re planning to wear it with. Classic plunge bras are suitable for most lower-cut tops (and, thus, great to have on hand in your underwear drawer), but plunge bras with extra-deep U-shaped plunges are great for super low necklines—think those you may find on an evening dress or a going-out top. Another important factor is the level of support you need; plunge bras come in many styles, from wireless bralettes to ultra-supportive underwire styles, so choose yours based on the bra styles you typically find to be the most comfortable. If you need more lift or want to enhance your visible cleavage, look for styles with reinforced cups that push the breasts upwards and forwards.

The material should also come into play, but this is really up to personal preference. If you’re seeking pretty lingerie, you’ll find plenty of plunge style bras that don’t skimp on the lace or other sexy details, whereas plenty of brands offer comfy microfiber T-shirt bras or cotton bralettes with the same plunging cut.


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