The 26 Best Wardrobe Basics for Women


We talk a lot about basics on here, so if I’m starting to sound like a broken record, I swear it’s for good reason. Sure, they can be boring to shop for and loathsome to spend money on, especially versus something trendier and more exciting, or maybe you just straight up forget to buy them, but skipping out on too many basics leaves holes in your closet that you’ll end up filling with random one-off purchases (speaking from experience here).

We’ve covered the trendier basics on the market that are having a moment currently, but today, I’m sitting down to create one comprehensive list of the standard, classic, and timeless basics you shouldn’t skip when shopping. I know that my closet felt scattered until I invested in the right pieces and replaced my older, outdated ones. So consider this your sign to build an A+ foundational wardrobe and see how much easier it becomes to get dressed in the morning.

Ahead, discover (and shop) my definitive list of the best basics you’ll need for a strong wardrobe in 2022 and beyond.


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