The 30 Best Zara Items to Buy for Spring, Hands Down


Currently, I hate everything in my closet. Well, maybe that’s a touch hyperbolic, but it does perfectly encapsulate the feeling I get whenever it’s time to get dressed. I’m a person who loves clothes (hence why my career is in the fashion industry), so when I start to despise getting ready, I know it’s time to do something about it. And that “something” usually means heading to Zara.

Although it feels like I have nothing to wear, I’ll admit that my wardrobe consists of the classic foundation—e.g., good denim, basic tees, etc. All that’s missing is some added spice, aka trend-forward pieces that can elevate my staples so that they feel special. Below, I present my current shopping list of cool and fun pieces that I’m eyeing. They haven’t reached my doorstep yet, but I can already feel the excitement from my computer screen. Keep scrolling to see the buys that are adding some much-needed flavor to my spring wardrobe.


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