The 6 Basics Everyone Forgets to Buy, But Definitely Needs


While we talk about elevated basics like blazers and relaxed trousers heavily on Who What Wear, I noticed that the more “boring” but useful basics don’t get as much attention. Not just while writing my stories, but I found myself prioritizing this category of basics less because they seemed less interesting to buy—but what I didn’t realize is that they’re just as important in creating a foundation in my wardrobe.

Without investing in these basics, I was selling myself short. While it’s more fun to shop for a cool blazer or matching set, it can be a forgotten task to purchase a new T-shirt, find a good-quality pair of socks, or finally get refitted for another bra instead of opting for the one you’ve had for way too long. In an effort to make my closet more wearable I’ve been giving my basics game an upgrade, and that includes the less exciting ones too. 

If you’re also one who forgets about a few foundational pieces when shopping, you’ve come across the right story. Below, I’ve relayed six wardrobe basics that I always forget to buy more of, even though they’re 100% necessary. Keep scrolling to find a trove of options. It may not be as exciting as buying into a new trend, but you’ll thank me when you look into your closet and can easily put together an outfit since you’re stocked with the correct basics to do so.


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