The 7 Best Henry Rose Perfumes for Women


Fragrance shopping can be tough—that’s definitely no secret. There are so many factors to consider when selecting a scent, including the notes, lasting power, and how it reacts to your body chemistry. What you shouldn’t have to worry about as a consumer, however, is if the ingredients used in your perfume are toxic or disruptive to the environment. Sadly, there are still plenty of fragrances out there that do contain these elements, but I’ve fallen in love with a brand that doesn’t and holds itself to extremely high standards.

Meet Henry Rose, the beautifully crafted brainchild of iconic actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Each perfume from the brand aims to peel back the mysterious layers surrounding unidentified ingredients often used in fragrances. All Henry Rose perfumes are both Environmental Working Group– and Cradle to Cradle–certified, meaning they meet the highest standards of ingredient safety and sustainability. Pfeiffer believes you don’t have to sacrifice safety for sophistication, a sentiment I really resonate with and also champion. If you’re curious about which of the brand’s offerings could be right for you, read on below for Pfeiffer’s favorite and a few I can’t get enough of myself.


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