The 9 Best Nest Fragrances, Ranked


I actually met one of my closest friends, Kaitlyn McLintock (whose wonderful content you have probably read here on WWW!), back when we were both writing for another publication, and while she sadly moved to Austin about one year ago, we were pretty inseparable when we were both living in L.A. Not surprisingly, you could find me rummaging through her beauty-stuffed studio on any given Friday, pre-night out, finding a variety of new things to fall in love with. You probably already know where this is headed based on the title of this piece, but one Friday night, I just so happened to spritz a certain Nest fragrance I found atop her vanity, and I practically had a conniption over how positively yummy it was. So being the fabulous friend that I am, I promptly stole it (partly as a joke but also very intent on keeping it forever), and eventually, Kaitlyn gave up asking for it back. The rest is history! Despite my obsession with perfumes and the fact that I seem to have a new favorite every other week, this particular Nest fragrance (you’ll have to read all the way until the end for the big reveal) has become a forever signature of mine. Of course, Nest makes a slew of fabulous perfumes, so I’m ranking all of the brand’s other best sellers below. Keep scrolling!


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