The Best Spring Denim Outfits on the Internet RN


Once upon a time, before street style changed the way we’d view dress codes forever, there existed an extremely unhelpful fallacy that fashion editors never wore jeans. As a Millennial who lived through this changing of the guard, it’s hard to say who or what was to blame—likely a fun combination of passé ideas around professionalism, gatekeeping, and good old-fashioned sexism. Sadly, we fashion nerds spent those years robbed of the kind of hyper-indulgent, wonky conversations about denim that other trends demanded. So let’s overcompensate for a moment, shall we?

Recent chats with my fashion-editor friends (all of whom, I will add, truly thrive when it comes to wearing denim) are buzzing around a modern iteration of the all-American vibe that Calvin Klein has come to define. It’s classic style anchored in great jeans, with a punchy little edge. Accessories are attention-seeking, like how we might have dressed that first summer we came to New York for an internship, but a closer look suggests it’s the denim that’s doing the work—shaping silhouettes and lending itself to styling that feels intentional without trying too damn hard. After all, isn’t that instantly effortless vibe exactly what we love about denim? The way it takes our extra-ness down a notch? I cornered three of my fellow fashion editors to discuss (and give you a peep at how we’re wearing our favorite denim right now, of course).



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