The Boys’ Karl Urban Reacts to Butcher’s Shocking Diagnosis


Warning: This story includes spoilers for The Boys season three.

Are Billy Butcher’s supe fighting days over?

The Boys‘ fearless leader (Karl Urban) received a shocking diagnosis in the season three finale: He’s dying after taking too many doses of Temp V.

“Attempting further treatment would significantly impact your quality of life,” a doctor tells Butcher, “without necessarily extending the time you have.”

When Butcher asks how much time he has left, the doctor replies, “Months. 12, 18 on the outside.”

While we knew this death sentence was coming thanks to a warning from Starlight (Erin Moriarty), we still had hope that Butcher would not succumb to the drug’s deadly side effects. Despite the dire diagnosis, it seems that Butcher isn’t quite ready to give up the fight against superheroes, telling his friends that Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), a deadly supe now running for Vice President, “has definitely got to go.”

This certainly sets the stage for season four, which was announced back in June. So, we turned to Karl for answers on what’s to come for our favorite hero-hating Brit—and he seemed just as excited as we are for the next installment.


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