The Fashion Set Can’t Get Enough of These 7 Telfar Bags


When you think of an it-bag, what’s the first style to come to mind? Is it a Prada Cleo Handbag? Or how about a Bottega Veneta Jodie hobo bag? Historically speaking, when it comes to handbags that attain cult status, they’ve always been from traditional luxury houses until Telfar came along. You’ve most likely encountered a Telfar bag at some point in your life—maybe it was while galivanting through Bushwick, scrolling through Instagram, or even reading some of our guides around Black-owned handbag brands to shop. But no matter how familiar you are with Telfar, it goes without saying that this brand has revolutionized how we view luxury handbags. And the hype is very much worth it. But if you’re not familiar with how this brand gained popularity or just wondering which are the best Telfar handbags to buy, you’ll want to keep reading as we’ve done a little deep-dive on the brand. Whether you’re aiming to add more bags to your collection or want to understand why this brand is so beloved, we’ve got you covered.


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