The Paper Girls Trailer Takes Viewers on a Trip Through Time


Ali Wong is quite literally confronting her past in the trailer for Prime Video’s YA series Paper Girls.

In the preview, the comedian, who plays the adult version of Erin Tieng, stumbles into the kitchen and meets three preteens. “Who’s there?” adult Erin says, holding a stick and wearing her pajamas. “What are you doing in my house?”

The younger Erin, played by Riley Lai Nelet, replies, “What are you doing in my house?”

And then the realization hits them: They’re the same person.

The preteen Erin has time traveled to 2019 from 1988, making for an awkward encounter. While adult Erin keeps muttering, “This isn’t real,” the preteen Erin is under no such illusion. 

If this sounds confusing, it’s because it is, especially for the four paper girls who seem just as entertaining as the Stranger Things kids. The crew consists of Erin Tieng (Riley), Tiffany Quilkin (Camryn Jones), Mac Coyle (Sofia Rosinsky) and KJ Brandman (Fina Strazza), who were working their newspaper route when they get caught in the crossfire of warring time travelers. 


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