The Teen Wolf Pack Is Already Thinking About a Sequel


The Teen Wolf team is already howling for more. 

Teen Wolf: The Movie doesn’t even premiere on Paramount+ until later this year, but that hasn’t stopped the cast and creator from fantasizing about more blood-thirsty drama in the future.

While discussing their workout regimes for the new movie with E!’s The Rundown at Comic-Con 2022 on July 21, Tyler Posey admitted that he doesn’t quite have the same motivation as his co-star Tyler Hoechlin. Hoechlin, as most fans know, also currently plays Superman on The CW’s Superman & Lois, so he’s pretty used to being in great shape.

However, it was a comment from Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis that really caught our ear. After Posey said he wasn’t in the best physical condition for the movie, Davis said, “It’s going to be in his contract next time.”

Excuse us, did he say next time?

When asked if that meant a sequel was in the works, Davis revealed, “Well, let’s see. It depends on how well this one does. It depends on how many people sign up for Paramount+.”

Sign up, everybody! We need more hot werewolves in our lives!


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