The Trendiest Jeans at Nordstrom, H&M, and Shopbop


Nobody likes jean shopping. Something about the combination of unflattering dressing room mirrors, squeezing into denim that does not want to stretch, jean sizes changing every season, and the pure exhaustion of pulling pants up and down really just doesn’t do it for me. Yet we endure all of this because jeans are the one article of clothing that will never go out of style; there is a pair for every occasion, they last for ages, and they are a fool-proof way to look like you’re trying without actually having to try that hard. Whether it be a high-rise boot-cut or a dark-wash flare, jeans offer something trendy for everyone.

That being said, the sheer immensity of styles, trends, and places to purchase jeans all adds a sense of overwhelming to a process that is already way too much effort than it should be. With this in mind, I’ve tapped into my vast experiences of jeanxiety (jean anxiety)to narrow it down to the three retailers that I think have some of the best options: Nordstrom, H&M, and Shopbop. The perfect mix of trendy and comfort, these stores don’t mess around when it comes to denim, making it seamless to navigate the options and find the perfect pair. So knowing that jean shopping is inevitable, get ahead of the season with the latest trends. Below, I’ve rounded up the trendiest jeans at these three retailers for all of your denim desires.


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