These 10 Brands Are Leading the New Preppy Trend


When I used to think of “preppy style“, what usually came to mind was Vineyard Vines polos, Vera Bradley printed bags, and stuffy uniforms from my local private school in the suburbs. While the common themes of preppy fashion are still relevant today, the style aesthetic has undergone a transformation to fit with today’s priority fashion customer. I’ve never considered my style remotely close to preppy—I was all about the grunge-girl vibe in high school—but I’ve found myself tapping into the popular preppy trends that have been all over the fashion scene lately. Think exposed collars, cable-knits, vests, and tailored pieces. Not only have I been looking into preppy trends, but many brands that champion the style have caught my eye recently.

While there are a number of classic brands like Ralph Lauren or Lacoste that have always been skilled in the “preppy” look, you can thank new brands like Recreational Habits and Aimé Leon Dore for taking the classic touches of the aesthetic and changing it fit the mind of the fashion set today. Keep scrolling to find 10 brands that will help you add a preppy update to your 2022 wardrobe.


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