These 7 Spring Trends Didn’t Make It Into Our 2022 Wardrobes


Three months into the year, I still haven’t quite gotten over the fact that it is, in fact, 2022. Discombobulated by, well, everything, the last nine-ish weeks have gone by in a blur, which is how I ended up completely missing that some of 2021’s top trends didn’t end up making it over the threshold into the new year.

Last spring, many of us spent the first days of warm weather wrapped in sweater vests patterned with warped checkerboard prints, oversize blazers paired with straight-leg jeans, and split-hem leggings styled alongside T-shirts with shoulder pads and menswear-inspired button-downs. Unfortunately, most of the above seem to have peaked in yesteryear, only to be replaced by new, fresher-feeling alternatives, from windbreaker pants to bomber jackets. Times have certainly changed in the last year, and apparently, so have our tastes when it comes to fashion. 

Keep scrolling to see which spring trends didn’t quite make the cut for another year on top and which ones swooped in to replace them on their way out. 


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