These Are the Best New Summer Items From Zara by Far


It’s never too early to start planning for summer. In fact, I’ve been doing it for months. And apparently, I’m not the only one. This week, Zara added hundreds of summer-friendly pieces to its new-arrivals section, from its first (but likely not last) swimsuits of the year to strappy sandals and satin dresses. And since I stalk the fashion brand’s app like it’s my job (it kind of is), I thought I’d show off the best of the selection before every piece inevitably goes viral on TikTok or sells out—or both, for that matter.

After hours of scrolling, saving, and scrolling again—intermittently pausing to add items into my own cart—I was able to narrow down the selection from about 100 covetable finds to a more digestible 33. Now, it’s your turn. Keep scrolling to shop all the summer Zara pieces that I’m freaking out over. I have a feeling that you will too.


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