This 4-Year-Old Will Surprise You With Her Unbelievable Baking Skills


Baking has emerged as a popular pastime amid the lockdown period. Many cooks and even newbie cooks embraced this hobby with interest and passion. The best part about baking is that even beginners can ace it. Simply follow the recipe and ingredients to the dot, combine everything together to make a batter, and bake it to get drool-worthy results every time. However, one passionate young baker has gone beyond simple baking. Known as ‘The Caking Girl’ on Instagram, this 4-year-old’s baking skills can give professional bakers a run for their money. Take a look at her videos that have been taking the internet by storm.

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The cute 4-year-old named Ellis has become an overnight internet sensation. This video of her making a ‘vacuum cleaner’ birthday cake for her father has raked in 1.1 million views and 86.8k likes as well. The Instagram account of the adorable girl is handled by her mother Joey, also a cake artist based in Toronto.

Thousands of appreciative comments poured in for the 4-year-old and her unbelievable baking skills. “She is definitely the best tiny baker! She will shape the baking world in the future,” wrote one fan. Another one said, “She’s even sweeter than the cakes she makes!” A follower also was excited for her future, as he wrote, “I cannot wait to see what her cakes are going to look like when she’s 14!”

Ellis’ mother Joey also posted a reel about how she got the toddler involved in cake making and decorating from a very young age. The proud mother explained that they would work together, and she would try to get the little girl as involved as possible. Calling Ellis her ‘co-worker’, Joey said that she would even offer her own ideas for the cake-making processes. Take a look at the video here:

“She’ll watch me first, and then ask for a turn after. I encourage her to get messy and make mistakes,” read the caption to the video. What did you think of the talented young 4-year-old’s baking skills? Tell us in the comments below.

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