This Maharashtrian Rumali Khakra Has Gone Viral Among Desi Foodies; Heres Why


Whichever Indian state you travel to, at every corner, you will find a new and unique dish that you never knew of. That’s how vast Indian cuisine is! It shall never fail to surprise you with new and delicious dishes to try. And, today we have found of special dish from Maharashtra that not many people know of! Recently a video surfaced on the internet of a special rumali roti from Nashik and people were awestruck to see the size of this delicacy. Inspired by the two popular dishes, the Gujarati snack khakhra and Rumali roti, comes the Rumali khakhra ! Take a look at the video here:

In the video, we see the man flatten out the maida dough using a rolling pin. He makes a ginormous size roti that could be bigger than a person’s forearm! Next, he tosses the dough around in the air, just like pizza chefs do with theirs. Once the dough becomes extremely thin, he places it on a heated ulta kadhai. The roti is cooked on it till it becomes so crisp that it takes on the curved shaped of the tawa, combining the crispiness of the khakhra with the thinness of the rumali roti. The rumali khakhra is then brushed with ghee and sprinkled with a variety of masalas to give it a spicy flavour. the video was uploaded by Instagram based food blogger @foodie_incarnate and it has garnered 1.4 million views along with 100k likes.

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The rumali khakhra is extremely popular withing Nashik, Maharashtra, and can be found at Hari Om Dhabha in the city. The price of this ginormous khakra is INR 180. People were amazed to see the size of this Maharashtrian delicacy! Here is what they commented about this delicacy:

“Iske ander toh mera beta bethke isko kha sakta hain.” (My son can sit inside it and eat it at the same time)

“Ohhh so yummy and delicious!”

“That’s a huge rumali roti.”

“I will just keep it as a souvenir dish in my living room.”

“This is soo amazing.”

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