This Mumbai Cafe Run By The Transgender Community Is Winning Hearts; Heres Why


The beauty of the internet is that it gives us the ability to access a world full of information with only a click of a button. The internet has become our primary medium of learning about the world. And, the internet offers us a variety of tidbits from funny stories that make us chuckle, to humbling stories that bring a smile to our faces. The internet has shown us that through food, people not only receive physical sustenance but many have been able to reclaim themselves through food! Today, we have found an awe-inspiring story from Mumbai that will motivate and inspire you.

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A tiny cafe in Mumbai called ‘Bambai Nazariya’ has been receiving a lot of buzz on the internet not for its food, but for people who work there! The employees of ‘Bambai Nazariya’ are what make this cafe unique from other cafes in the city. Now you must be wondering why the employees are getting so popular. It is because this “socially inclusive chai house” aims at hiring transgender employees. The goal created by the cafe owners (Diego) was to provide employment opportunities to the transgender community. The café wishes to provide a warm and homely environment to its customers and destigmatise the notions around the transgender community. Their slogan “nazariya badlo, nazara badlega” encourages people to change their perceptions. The café is in Jeet Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai.

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Here is what people on the internet had to comment about this initiative:

“Sahi kaha Nazariya badalo Duniya badlegi” (Spoken correctly! When you change your perception, the world will change)

“Hats off to them”

“Superb! More power to them”


“We want this in every town in India! Let’s support them!”

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