This Non-Toxic Bug Spray With 13,800 5-Star Reviews Is on Sale for $10


Wondering what Amazon shoppers think? Check out the following reviews.

“This product is great. I spray it in my garbage and recycling bins and I have NO flies buzzing around. I spray it around my picnic area and it keeps away flies, bees and other flying pests. You must give it a try.”

“It’s refreshing and works well…even opened up my sinuses! Had my outdoor sitting area smelling wonderful. It’s a must buy. I’ll definitely be stocking up for the summer.”

“I ordered this product to repel a type of wasp called a yellow jacket. These are very aggressive wasps that can sting and bite, and I’ve had an influx of them this summer. They’re drawn to sugars and protein, so I have found it very frustrating feeding my outdoor animals without them getting stung or bitten. I can’t walk outside with a soda or any food because they will be all over it. The only insecticide that works are ones with pyrethrins in them, which I can’t use safely around me or my animals. I read that peppermint oil would work and it really does! I can spray it freely and don’t have to worry about harming me or my animals. The yellow jackets hate it so mealtime has become a positive experience and not a nightmare.”

“Works very well to repel wasps around the house, and I’m happy that I don’t have to worry about toxicity with kids and pets.”

“I live in Washington State and the spiders during the summer are SUPER annoying, as most of the windows are cracked since A/C is not a common occurrence around these parts. I decided to give an all-natural remedy a try since my chemicals had failed me. I spray every few days and so far, zero spiders have come to roost in my apartment. I love this stuff.”

“Mighty Mint is a true game changer! After spraying this simple essential oil spray ONCE around the inside perimeter of our screened in back porch, I noticed an immediate reduction in nasty carpenter ants in my kitchen! After using it every other day since, I think we will have a very pleasant summer! Do yourself a favor. Save time, money, and energy in contacting a reliable exterminator and purchase a few bottles of Mighty Mint to rid yourself of the insects you never thought you’d finally banish from your previous home forever. It really works!!”


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