This Two-Piece Set Is the Only Travel Outfit to Wear, Ever


I made the mistake of not wearing the set on my flight to L.A., instead choosing to toss on one of my usual, far less comfortable ensembles. On the way back, however, I had learned my lesson. The pants, despite feeling like pajama pants, look more like trousers that happen to have an elastic waistband. The V of the sweater is extremely flattering as well, much more so than a crew-neck would be. I added a bodysuit that would’ve otherwise taken up space in my carry-on (which was already over capacity thanks to a few too many shopping trips). But the addition didn’t look unintentional—instead, it just elevated the set even further. 

Suffice to say, by the time I touched down in NYC, I had sworn off wearing anything other than this set for long flights. Jeans would, from now on, forever be packed away in my suitcase, rather than worn for the flight. This set, however, will have a very different fate.

Shop my go-to travel set below. Trust me—you’ll never travel in anything else. 


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