This Woman Ate Most Chicken Nuggets In One Minute To Set World Record


For some, eating is emotion. They not just eat because they have to, they eat because it gives them pleasure. What if there’s also recognition for eating? Social media is filled with people trying different dishes and finding newer ways to eat, attracting global attention. Some of these efforts even land them in YouTube videos from Guinness World Records. A woman has set a new world record for eating most chicken nuggets in one minute. Seeing speed-eater Leah Shutkever, from the UK, eating the chicken nuggets is an absolute pleasure and thrilling experience at the same time.

How? Check the video and see for yourself:

Leah ate 352 gm (the equivalent of a share box of 19 nuggets) of the McDonald’s snack in sixty seconds. She attempted to eat a bowl of 20 nuggets but could manage only 19. Leah had said before eating that she had to eat all of them to break the previous record held by model and competitive eater Nela Zisser. In November 2020, Nela ate 298 grams of chicken nuggets in Auckland, New Zealand. Leah appeared disappointed and unsure about her attempt. However, after calculation, she had surpassed Nela’s record by 54 grams.

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Leah already has several Guinness World Records under her belt, including the title for eating most chicken nuggets in three minutes (775.1 grams), according to Guinness World Records 

Some of her current titles include:

— Fastest time to eat three mince pies (52.21 seconds in 2019)

— Fastest time to eat three pickled eggs (7.80 seconds in 2019)

— Fastest time to eat a muffin (no hands) (21.95 seconds in 2019)

— Most marshmallows eaten in one minute (no hands) (20 marshmallows in 2020).

— Most tomatoes eaten in one minute (8 in 2020)

Leah took to competitive eating at a young age. When she was 23, her brother challenged her while dining at a restaurant. Since then, she set her eyes on shattering goals. “When you set goals and achieve them, your confidence grows and I think that was just a massive turning point in my life,” she said. 

What did you think of the record by Leah? Do you feel you could do better? Tell us in the comments below.


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