TikToker Chris Olsen Plays Matchmaker for Meghan Trainor’s Brother


Lips are movin’ about Meghan Trainor‘s brother.

A recent TikTok video posted by the singer showed Ryan Trainor taking off his shirt, which definitely caught the attention of fans. Fortunately for those hoping to score him as their future husband, TikToker Chris Olsen was here to help play matchmaker.

In a separate video shared on July 29, Chris—who has been friends with the brother-sister duo since childhood—shared that Ryan is “single, and he is for the girls!”

“Slide in,” he continued, encouraging those interested in Ryan to reach out. “He’s really nice. I love him.”

So, just who is Ryan Trainor? Like his sister, the content creator works in the entertainment industry. In addition to co-hosting the Workin’ On It podcast with Meghan, he’s active on Twitch and often streams himself playing video games.

In July, Meghan shared with E! News’ Daily Pop how Ryan and their younger brother, Justin Trainor, had helped her pen “Dance About It,” a song off her upcoming album Takin’ It Back. And though the track’s lyrics are pretty steamy, the pop star said it wasn’t awkward at all to bounce ideas off her family.


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