Uma Bharti Vandalises Liquor Shop In Madhya Pradesh


Uma Bharti had announced a protest, demanding prohibition in Madhya Pradesh.


Former Union Minister Uma Bharti was seen throwing a rock, vandalising a liquor shop in Bhopal on Sunday.

The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister has been demanding prohibition in the state and had announced that she would launch a protest outside liquor shops.

The BJP leader said that she has warned the local administration to shut down the liquor shop within a week.

“There are a number of liquor shops situated in a colony of labourers at Barkheda Pathani area, where liquor is served in ‘ahata’ (enclosed space).” “The money of these labourers gets drained out in these shops. The residents and women have objected and protested as the liquor shop is against the government’s policy. The administration had given assurances several times in the past that it would close the shop, but this has not happened for many years,” she said in a tweet, sharing the video herself.

“Today, I gave a warning to the administration to get it closed in a week,” she added.

Last year, she had declared that she would have liquor banned in the state by January 15 or “hit the streets with a stick”.

However, far from such a move, the Madhya Pradesh government announced a new excise policy just two days after her deadline, making alcohol cheaper.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh’s government reduced the excise duty on foreign liquor by 10-13 per cent.

Shops have also been allowed to sell foreign and country liquor together.

At present, there are 2,544 country liquor and 1,061 foreign liquor shops in the state.

Liquor producers have also been cleared to make wines from black plums besides grapes. People can now keep four times as much liquor at home than before. People with an annual income of Rs 1 crore and above have been allowed to open a bar at home.

Criticising the move, Uma Bharti had said in January, “So long as I was involved in the Ganga campaign, there was difficulty in starting the complete liquor-intoxicants ban campaign in Madhya Pradesh. Some of those difficulties still exist. Public participation cannot happen because of the new Corona variant. Only politically non-aligned persons should participate in this campaign.”

The BJP leader had also said that she would launch her campaign against liquor after February 14.


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