Vandalism, Violence Outside Arvind Kejriwals Home Amid BJP Protest


Vandalism, Violence Outside Arvind Kejriwals Home Amid BJP Protest

New Delhi:

BJP workers today clashed with the police outside Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence during a protest against Mr Kejriwal’s remarks on the recently released controversial movie ‘The Kashmir Files’. BJP leaders have accused Mr Kejriwal of mocking the “genocide” of Kashmiri Hindus. Several senior Aam Aadmi Party leaders have accused the Delhi police of facilitating vandalism and violence by allowing BJP leaders and workers to reach the Chief Minister’s house. 

Visuals from the spot show a large group of people carrying BJP flags and placards condemning “insult” to Kashmiri Pandits clashing with the police at the barricade placed outside the Chief Minister’s residence. Many of them can be seen attempting to jump through the security cordon. 

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said on Twitter that “antisocial” elements smashed CCTV cameras and the security barriers at Mr Kejriwal’s house. They also broke the boom barriers at the entrance, he added. In another tweet, he claimed the perpetrators were “BJP goons” who the Delhi police helped. 

The police have said that around 150-200 protestors of BJP Yuva Morcha reached the CM’s residence around 11:30 in the morning to protest against his remarks on ‘The Kashmir Files’ in the Delhi assembly. The police claim that they “immediately” removed them from the spot and detained around 70 people. Legal action is being initiated, they said.

“At around 1 pm, some of the protestors breached two barricades and reached outside CM House where they created ruckus, shouted slogans etc. They were carrying a small box of paint from which they threw paint outside the door. In the imbroglio, a boom barrier arm is also found vandalised as also a CCTV camera,” a release from the police said.


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