Video Shows Lone Ukrainian Tank Taking On Entire Russian Convoy


Video Shows Lone Ukrainian Tank Taking On Entire Russian Convoy

The lone Ukrainian tank takes on a convoy of Russian tanks.

The acts of courage and daredevilry shown by the Ukrainian forces against numerically superior Russia is always in the news. This time, a video is circulating on social media which shows a lone Ukrainian tank taking on an entire convoy of Russian tanks.

The T-64 tanks moves between the buildings to fire at Russian tanks just a few metres away, the footage shows. The incident took place less than 50 miles from Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

As the video begins, it looks like the Ukrainian tans caught a retreating Russian convoy by surprise. This was evident by the uncoordinated flurry of fire, which prompted the other side to stop and find out where the shots are being fired from.

The Ukrainian soldiers manning the tank fire another shot at the enemy, which falls among the tree nearby causing large blast.

The lone tank then takes another shot, this time hitting a Russian BTR-82. The enemy forces return the fire and Russian troops come out of the military vehicles to find the tank.

The tank is fired upon by the solider, but the shot misses the target and instead hits a house.

The footage ends before the fate of the Ukrainian tank is known.

The video was filmed by a drone and first posted by a Ukrainian volunteer unit on instant messaging service Telegram. The video then made its way to Twitter where it was posted by Ukraine Weapons Tracker and researcher Arslon Xudosi.

The incident took place in Nova Basan, near the Ukrainian capital, according to The Independent.

The latest reports from the war say that Russia has now abandoned the plan to attack Kyiv and called back its 24,000 soldiers from there, according to Daily Mail. The Russian army is now regrouping to launch fresh attack in other Ukrainian regions.


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