Viral Video: Adorable Baby Sings An Orange Song, Now It Is Stuck In Our Heads


The internet undoubtedly loves baby videos and there is no proving us wrong! Videos of toddlers playing, talking, trying out new things, or just going by their normal day exist all over the internet and we wouldn’t mind seeing them every day. Recently, a video of an adorable baby trying Popsicle for the first time had made us smile wide, and now it is this orange-loving baby that is winning over our hearts. A video shared by @haileyjonolan has made everyone go ‘aww’ and it is of her eldest son signing an orange song. The baby in the video, Wesley, is an adorable toddler who has won many hearts in the past but this time around, he has brought some music along! In his adorable baby voice, Wesley sings his orange song ‘I got some oranges’ and the video instantly became a sensation on the internet.

The video has received 1.9 million views, 114k likes, and 488 comments. Take a look at the video:

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The comments section of the adorable video doesn’t disappoint as well. People took part in the fun and replied with many adorable and funny replies:

“Not exactly sure but…I think he got some oranges”

“So wait it is not clear to me …did he say he has got some lemons?”

“He got some oranges mama…just so you know!”

“That’s a billboard chart-topper right there”

“I will be singing this all day”

“That’s a Grammy hit”

“His song is now stuck in my head”

“Every time I have oranges I feel the same way how did he get out of my spirit”

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And, the baby doesn’t just stop at the orange song. Viewers from the orange video had challenged Wesley to pronounce clementine and he doesn’t disappoint at all. In fact, he even sings another clementine song that was as adorable as the orange one. Take a look at it:

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Praises poured for the new song too. “They should know better than to underestimate Wesley by now… He pronounces some things better than adults,” noted one of the viewers.

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