Viral Video: Man Mimicking Salt Baes Signature Style Has Left The Internet In Splits


Nusret Gokce, widely known as ‘Salt Bae,’ is a Turkish chef who became an internet sensation overnight! Gokce’s fame skyrocketed after a meme of him sprinkling salt on steak went viral in 2017. Thanks to this fame, the Turkish chef has opened a chain of restaurants named ‘Nusr-Et’ at exotic locations, worldwide. However, despite all his success, people just can’t seem to get enough of his meme and salt-spreading action. Till now, we see internet users around the world trying to recreate his style. Recently, one such video of a man mimicking Salt Bae has gone viral. This funny video has left the internet in splits!

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @jackfroot, we can see a man who is dressed in classic Salt Bae attire. He even added a moustache and his signature sunglasses to complete the look. The man can be seen picking up a seasoned stake from a counter and then taking it near the fire. But as he tries to drop the steak in fire, the flames increase, almost reaching the man. Then he runs back from it. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 1.4 million times, has 36.5K likes and hundreds of comments. Many people have added hilarious comments that will amuse you! One person wrote, “This dude is from Thailand. He is way too funny! Check him out on the Facebook account: name BanKii, he is on YouTube as well.” Another person said, “Too much salt bae,” and “Hahaha. Hey, give the guy some credit for trying.”

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Someone also said, “This is what happened when you order Salt Bae from,” and “That’s his brother sea salt.” Many other people have also reacted to this video using emojis. In contrast to this, one user wrote, “Salt Bae isn’t cool though. Dude sucks big time, and his restaurants are a scam.”

What do you think about this hilarious video? Have you ever tried to mimic Salt Bae? Let us know in the comments below!


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