Viral Video: Man Uses Iron To Steam Vegetables; His Grandmas Reaction Has The Internet In Splits


Our grandparents always show their unconditional affection and care for us, but that does not mean they hide well their anger or disappointment. A recent viral video shows how a grandma couldn’t comprehend how stupid her grandson was being in the kitchen and her reaction has won over the internet. Instead of lashing out at him, she moves out of the kitchen saying, ‘Well, maybe, we could get you some help.” The video in question was originally created by content creator @holdendavenport and was re-shared by a famous Instagram page ‘Pubity’, and has garnered over 22.3 million views in just a couple of days. It has 1.1 mil likes and 13.5k comments too.

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The page has captioned the video “This man did a steaming veg prank on his grandma ???? When she paused and said “IDK what to say. maybe we can get you some help” I lost it”. Take a look at it here:

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In the video, we can see Holden trying to prank his grandmother in the kitchen. He has a bowl of steamed broccoli kept in front of him and can be seen holding an iron on top of it. He is using the iron to steam the vegetables and calls his grandmother to ask how long he is supposed to do so. The grandmother is too stunned to speak in the beginning but shows him the steamer that he should have used. When the man doesn’t budge and continues to steam with the iron, she politely says that he needs some help or maybe should go back to school. The funny video has created a stir amongst Instagram users and they have left many hilarious comments on the video. Some of the top comments are:

“And that’s the moment grandma knew the family line ended with her grandson”

“She’s trying to figure out where it all went wrong”

“For a second, grandma considered if she was the one losing her mind”

“She was definitely re-evaluating the meaning of life”

“That grandma is soooo cute. I wanna give her a bear hug”

“That’s the face of ‘I’m not mad, just disappointed”

“She held her hand like she felt she failed her ancestors, there’s a glitch in the bloodline”

“She’s like, “Oh well, it is what it is…”

“I think she immediately went and prayed for him…LOL”

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Many people on the comments suggested doing the same with their own grandparents. Would you ever do something like that in the kitchen? Do let us know in the comments below.


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