Viral Video Shows Unique Jewellery Mithai Of Maharashtra, Would You Try It


India is home to many different and unique dishes. As you travel across the lengths and breadths of the country, you will realise that every state has its own set of snacks, street foods and desserts. One such sweet from the state of Maharashtra has recently been intriguing the internet. ‘Gathi’ is the name of this unique Mithai which is shaped like a flower garland. Flower-like structures made with syrup are crystallized and stuck to strings to form this interesting treat from Maharashtra. ‘Jewellery Mithai’ or ‘Flower Mithai’ is what is known as locally. Take a look at the video of this mithai here:

The video of the Jewellery Mithai from Maharashtra was shared on YouTube by popular blogger Amar Sirohi, who goes by the name Foodie Incarnate. It was among the top trending videos on YouTube India and has raked in 3.3 million views and counting.

In the clip, the blogger showed us the entire making of the wonderful Mithai. He said that it was from a store in Nashik but was popular all across Maharashtra. Gathi was of special significance during the festival of Holi and Gudi Padwa, and was sold by the kilos at this time. The video showed the step-by-step process of preparing the Jewellery Mithai. First, a thick sugar syrup was prepared and then segregated into two parts. One part was kept as it is, while the other was made orange in colour with the addition of a natural food colouring. Both the syrups were poured alternatively into flower moulds, and then removed to give the resulting flower garland aka Jewellery Mithai!

Viewers left a lot of appreciative comments for the Mithai shared by the blogger. “Wow have never seen this!! thank you,” wrote one while another said, “It’s called as “Ghati” it is one of the most delicious forms of sugar you can eat!”

Watch the full video of the Jewellery Mithai from Maharashtra here:

Would you try this unique flower Mithai? Tell us in the comments below.

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