Viral Video: Wife Tricks Husband With Homemade Lemonade, See His Epic Reaction


There are days when we can cook up an entire five-course meal from scratch. But again, there are days when even making lemonade seems like an arduous task. If the lazy chef within you can relate to this sentiment, you have got to read this. In a recent viral video, a wife played a clever trick on her husband. She wrote in the clip that her husband would only drink lemonade if it was homemade. However, she decided to substitute store-bought lemonade instead of making it at home. She fooled him in a clever ruse that didn’t make him suspect a thing! Watch the full viral video here:

The video was shared on Instagram by blogger Karissa Stevens. “Think smarter not harder,” she wrote in the caption. Since the time it was shared, it has raked in over 11.4 million views and 1 million likes. The viral Instagram reels video of the wife’s prank also got thousands of comments and replies.

In the viral clip, Stevens explains that her husband would only drink lemonade if it’s homemade, but according to her, that would use up ‘a ton’ of lemons. Thus, she decided to swap lemonade with a store-bought one without her husband finding out. She took a glass and added the lemonade to it along with lots of ice cubes. What was her cover-up to make it seem homemade, you ask? She simply put out a juicer on the counter to make it look like the lemonade had been freshly prepared with newly squeezed lemons!

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Lemonade was the subject of this woman’s prank on her husband.

On seeing the juicer, her husband understood and got excited to try the freshly made lemonade. He took one sip and relished it so much. “You can just taste the freshness. I know you say it uses a ton of lemons, but it’s worth it. Every time,” he says in an epic reaction. Meanwhile, the couple’s dog is barking throughout the video as if trying to tell the husband that it’s actually store-bought lemonade!

The hilarious prank by the wife received a lot of comments from users. “‘I can just taste the freshness’ is about to be the new Minute Maid slogan,” wrote one user while another said, “

The dog is definitely trying to tell him!” Several others thought that the husband deserved fresh lemonade just for how nice he was. “Aww make him fresh lemonade as a treat… he is so grateful,” said one user.

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