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Reclaim your center, Virgo. May was a topsy-turvy time for most people, but you may have felt especially ungrounded, ever since your ruling planet, Mercury, turned retrograde (backward) on May 10. This happened amid the already disorienting eclipse season, a time of major change and “plasticity” in our lives. 

On June 3, Mercury will correct course and return to direct (forward) motion, helping you get back on track. Even better? It happens against the backdrop of Gemini season as the Sun marches through your disciplined and ambitious tenth house. Set your sights on those goals again and you can make up for lost time during this solar-powered cycle, which lasts until June 21. After that, Cancer season brings a lighter energy as the Sun moves through your eleventh house of collaboration and friendship. Bring on the barbecues and summer getaways, which will double as networking events whether you mean them to or not.

Your inner life will demand attention as well this month, particularly when the June 14 Sagittarius full supermoon beams into your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations. June is also the first full month that expansive Jupiter will spend in Aries, making your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures a major focal point. You may be exploring an investment opportunity or looking at ways to merge with a special someone for the long haul.

Two slow-moving outer planets turn retrograde this month, which could call for a bit more rigor in certain areas. Structured Saturn starts a five-month backspin through your health and organization zone on June 4, so double down on the prevention and don’t let life’s demands cut into your self-care! On June 28, hazy Neptune makes a U-turn in your relationship zone, which could give you second thoughts about a commitment or prompt you to pay extra attention to a partnership that could use a little extra TLC.

Gemini season kicks your career into high gear

It’s focus time! The month gets off to a productive start as the Sun makes its annual visit to Gemini, heating up your tenth house of career and long-term goals until June 21. While others are slipping into summer vacation mode, you’re buckling down—or should be—for the first three weeks of the month. Finish that Canva presentation, polish a major client pitch, do a midyear recalibration of your 2022 goals. Reach out to mentors and experienced people in your field, whether it’s for sage advice or a LinkedIn testimonial.

Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius June 4-October 23

Have your health and routines fallen a bit by the wayside, Virgo? No shame or judgment whatsoever! But if you’re looking for a summer glow-up that’s sustainable and sensible, start your efforts on June 4. That’s when structured Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster, slows into retrograde motion for five months, sounding the alarm in your sixth house of wellness and organization.

Cleanup on aisle Virgo! Saturn is the planet of discipline and hard work, and his retrograde will reveal where you’ve glossed over important details. If you’ve been skipping breakfast or working through lunch (and even dinner) at your desk, the jig is up. Saturn retrograde gets tough on managing stress, taking proper care of your body and delegating. You may also get doctor’s orders to attend to a nagging health issue or change your lifestyle. Now is the time to take care of anything you’ve put off treating, or at least to get a second opinion.

Is Team Virgo rock-solid, or are you doing everyone’s work for them? The sixth house rules employees and support teams, and Saturn retrograde also puts out the call for quality help. You love to save a few dollars, but instead of hiring the flaky neighbor to walk your dog or mow the lawn, pay for a professional service. One Virgo friend of ours used to attend a “pay what you can” yoga studio where classes were often canceled with little notice. It was hardly a deal when you consider the inconvenience! Look at where you might make different choices now. 

The June 14 Sagittarius full supermoon is an emotional moment

Feelings come into the open on June 14, when the full moon in Sagittarius illuminates your sensitive and sentimental fourth house. This once-a-year spotlight opens the floodgates: Try as you might to stem the tidal wave of feelings, those tears and truths will come spilling out. Instead of fighting it, just surrender. Connecting from the heart will actually endear you to people.

The fourth house rules home and family, and this full moon could bring a change of residence, a property sale or perhaps some new additions to your household. Look back six months to the December 4 Sagittarius new moon, which was a potent solar eclipse. If you’re been trying to make a clear decision about where to live next or settle a family matter, you’ll finally get a trustworthy signal.

Cancer season (June 21) and the June 28 Cancer new moon

Lightness and levity return on June 21, when the Sun rolls into Cancer and your social eleventh house. After three hardworking weeks, you can spread your wings again! Even when duty calls, you’ll be able to mix business and pleasure through networking and team activities. 

For the next month, your mantra is “the more the merrier.” Explore collaborations and plan fun group outings with your crew. The eleventh house also rules technology, making this a great time to spread a message on social media, especially one related to a societal cause. Step away from your workspace and engage with the wider world. Your insightful opinions and eloquence could open people’s minds!

The June 28 Cancer new moon is especially powerful for making new friends, networking or launching any digital endeavors. Your efforts today will build over the next six months, culminating at the Cancer full moon in January 2023. Earn karmic brownie points by playing superconnector, introducing two savvy friends who you think could have serious synergy. As businessman (and fellow Virgo) Jim Rohn famously said, You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Give your inner circle a once-over, hitting refresh on any bonds that could use some extra attention.

Unlike the full moon earlier this month, which was a supermoon, this one is a “micro-moon.” This effect occurs when the new or full moon connects with the point in the moon’s orbit that’s farthest from the Earth (called apogee), making it appear smaller from our vantage point here. That doesn’t mean the distant moon won’t work its magic—and we can’t see the new moon anyhow—but it may not be quite as impactful as a supermoon, which occurs when la luna is at the CLOSEST point (perigee) to our planet.

Neptune turns retrograde June 28-December 3

Mixed messages, begone! Also on June 28, nebulous Neptune will begin its annual five-month retrograde through Pisces and your partnership house. A relationship that’s been hard to get a handle on could stop occupying so many of your thoughts. Since Neptune retrograde can actually dispel the fog around a confusing situation, you might finally make a clear decision about whether to stay or go. Retrogrades rule the past, and Neptune’s backspin could bring an ex or an old issue to the surface. Don’t bury your head in the sand about this, Virgo—during this transit, you’ll have to deal in order to heal. Use it as an opportunity to break any larger patterns in your personal life that aren’t serving you anymore.

Temperatures: rising! Emotional and sexual intensity gets a serious surge all month long as lusty Mars cruises through Aries and your erotic eighth house until July 5. This particular kind of heat wave only happens every two years, when the red planet visits and turns up the heat on your passions and urge to merge.

While some Virgos may take this as a green light to go on a post-pandemic spree, others will feel driven to move into a more permanent arrangement, joining your finances, investing in property together, introducing families and integrating into each other’s lives more. Unattached? You could experience a sizzling attraction, possibly from out of the blue, and enjoy the seductive surge. Bottom line: All Virgos will want to connect more spiritually and soulfully, the only caveat being to stay on guard for jealousy and possessiveness.

Luckily, some of the obsessiveness will be tempered by the other love planet, Venus, who’s hanging out in Taurus and your adventurous ninth house until June 22. Under this influence, you’re willing to take a chance and share frankly about what’s on your mind and in your heart. If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time to advocate for yourself or bring up something you’ve been suppressing. This outspoken transit can stimulate proactive dialogue, and diplomatic Venus can help you handle the delicate topics with grace. Single? Go ahead and let that person know you’re interested. That might be the key that unlocks everything! Regardless of your status, this is an ideal time for an adventurous getaway since attractive Venus is in your travel zone.

On June 22, Venus saunters into Gemini and your future-oriented tenth house until July 17. With the cosmic love goddess chirping away in your career and planning zones, you won’t be comfortable keeping things vague. You want to know where something is going and if it has potential to last for the long haul—even if you have to be the one to broach the subject. Again, gentle Venus can help you do that with a lighter touch so it comes across like an invitation, not pressure!

Big money: incoming? Go-getter Mars is in Aries and your eighth house of investing and financial collaborations all month. Exciting partnership and growth opportunities could crop up—and with pressure-cooker Mars here, you’ll have the urge to act on them quickly. Conduct due diligence so you can move forward with your eyes wide open. 

This month you may feel some stress around a large expense or debt. Remember that necessity is the mother of invention, Virgo. Courageous Mars will motivate you to take a bold risk that could pay off, whether that’s raising your rates, collecting on an overdue payment or requesting that a loan be partially forgiven. On the upside, you could earn a windfall like a bonus or commission. Luckily, this is happening while the Sun is in Gemini and your ambitious tenth house until June 21, giving you lots of energy to tackle any challenge.

When diligent Saturn turns retrograde in your sixth house of organization, systems and helpful people from June 4 to October 23, you may need to tighten up Team Virgo a bit. Perhaps you’ll hire a specialist instead of wasting time and resources DIY-ing. Take an honest look where there might be cracks in your efficiency and repair those. By Q4, your life could be running like a well-oiled machine if you make improvements now.

Love Days: 14, 18

Money Days: 26, 9

Luck Days: 24, 7

Off Days: 20, 4, 17

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