Wait, What?! Mumbai Vendor Is Making Samosa Maggi Chaat; Desi Viewers Are Confused


Street food has evolved in the past few years! Culinary food enthusiasts have encouraged street vendors to go beyond the classic street dishes. The focus of street food has become to be eye-catchy, creative, unique and lastly ‘Instagram-worthy’. Street vendors all across the country have upped their game, hoping to be the next trending dish on the internet. In that spirit, new and bizarre food combinations have gone viral – chocolate biryani, gulab jamun waffle, masala dosa ice cream roll are just some of the most popular finds on the internet. On our hunt for such unique street foods, we have found a video of a chaat made of samosa and Maggi that has the internet divided. Take a look:

In the video, we see the woman start by preparing the classic masala Maggi with some veggies. While the Maggi is cooking, she adds the classic aloo samosas and then uses her spatula to break the samosa apart into tiny pieces. Then she lets the samosa pieces cook in the Maggi gravy for a while. Once the Maggi is done, she garnishes the samosa Maggi chaat with coriander and tiny chunks of paneer. The video was uploaded by bombayfoodie_tales and it has over 578k views and 32k likes. This Maggi samosa chaat can be found at Shivam Panipuri stall, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai.

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After watching the video, one tends to wonder if this dish can be considered a chaat, as one didn’t see any of the signature chatpata flavours we see in popular chaats like aloo tikki, chaat papdi and raj kachori. But that’s not what came to the mind of the desi viewers on the internet, most people were concerned about retaining the original flavours of their beloved Maggi and samosa, while others were open to trying out this dish.

Here is what they commented about this video:

“Mt kro aunty jiii… kuch hor bech lo yrr…dono chize alg alg bech lo na plssss” (Please don’t do this…just sell something else… please sell both these things separately)

“R.I.P Maggie and Samosa”

“Ye Maggie ka murder hai ya Samose ka?” (Is this the murder of Maggi or samosa?)

“I would prefer both of them separately”

“Looks awesome”

What did you think of this Maggi samosa chaat? Do tell us in the comments section below.


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