Wait, What? Worlds First-Ever Burger Vending Machine Has Been Launched


Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and we have seen several testimonies of this in the recent past. Several machines and equipment are being invented and put to use in restaurants to reduce contact with customers. In February 2022, we saw how a robot was being used to deliver food to the contingents and participants at the Winter Olympics. And now, robots and machines have proved to be excellent chefs too! The world’s first-ever burger vending machine has been launched in Jersey City, New Jersey and it is serving up hot and juicy burgers in a matter of just six minutes.

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RoboBurger is the world’s first plug-in burger chef in a box that can cook a burger from scratch at just the press of a button. The burger vending machine can fit in an area of just 12 square feet and can be plugged into a regular wall socket. The RoboBurger company was founded in 2019 by Audley, Dan, and Andy, 3 people with a passion for engineering, robotics, and delicious burgers as stated on their official website.

The burgers prepared by the vending machine are priced at just USD 6.99 or approximately Rs. 530. The inbuilt robot mechanism uses a five-step process similar to restaurants, that is, toasting the buns, grilling the patty, dispensing the selected condiments, and assembling everything together. The machine has currently been installed in Newport Centre, a mall in New Jersey. The founding members have plans to expand its reach to airports, colleges, offices, and even military bases, according to Fox29.

Although the burger vending machine does not require people to operate it, there are staff working behind the scenes to ensure it functions properly. “For further safety, the machine will shut down if something goes wrong. For example, if the power goes out and the refrigeration system shuts off, RoboBurger won’t sell another burger until the machine has been checked,” said a report by USA Today.

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The idea behind the burger vending machine is to provide a hot meal with a contactless experience at any time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, you would not have to wait for your favourite restaurant to open in the morning, or hunt for outlets open at odd times during the night.

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