Want To Try Korean Food? Start With Making This Easy Cheese Dip (Recipe Video Inside)


Are you also caught up in the recent K-fever? If you have been obsessing over all the popular Korean shows and music, you must have been intrigued by Korean food as well. We have noticed a sudden surge in interest in Korean food among Indians, with many people even trying out recipes at home. And if you also want to do that, we have a recipe to let you experience the Korean flavours, right in the comfort of your home – with a simple Korean cheese dip to get you started. You can make this with common ingredients already stocked in your kitchen. 

We found the Korean recipe on YouTube channel ‘Ananya Banerjee’. The dip is so easy to make that we thought of sharing it with all you K-fans out there. The chef here uses all common ingredients except Gochugaru, which is Korean red chilli pepper flakes powder. You can easily find it in online stores; however, if you want, you can also replace it with your regular red chilli flakes. 

How To Make Korean Corn Cheese Dip I Korean Corn Cheese Dip Recipe 

This dip is very easy to make. All you have to do is combine some sweet corns, chopped onions, some spring onions, mayonnaise, butter, grated cheese, and season with Gochugaru spice powder, salt and pepper. Mix well in a pan and cook everything together. Your dip is ready. Pair it with your chips or other finger foods.  

So easy, right? You can watch the video below to see how it is made: 

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Do try this simple Korean recipe and let us know it turned out.  

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