Watch: 5 Quick Tips To Make Fluffy And Crispy Stuffed Pooris At Home


We all have grown up relishing pooris, paired with delectable curries. Especially during festivals, they make our meals memorable. Apart from special occasions, we like having piping hot pooris even on weekends or in general. However, the whole process of preparing it could be a bit complicated when you enter the kitchen with a mindset to get the right texture and taste. So, if you are planning on making pooris, we have a few tips for you. These pointers will not only help you with the cooking process, but also eliminate the possibilities of making mistakes in between. The tips were shared by Chef Kunal Kapur on Instagram.

Here’re 5 Tips To Make Stuffed Pooris, Shares Chef Kunal Kapur: 

1. To make pooris, you must knead the dough first and prepare the stuffing. Now, make different equal-sized balls from the dough as well as the stuffing. Take a ball of the stuffing (which is comparatively a smaller one) and insert it inside another dough ball. Press the dough ball and make sure you seal the stuffing with the dough nicely. There shouldn’t be any cracks. If you don’t follow this properly, there are chances that all the stuffing would come out while you are frying the poori in the oil.

2. When you roll a poori, never use dry flour. Why? This is because the dry dough when applied to the balls while rolling pooris, may settle at the bottom of the oil. Also, when you’ll deep-fry the pooris, the dry flour will remain stuck to it disturbing its overall taste.

3. While kneading the dough for pooris, make sure you don’t use a lot of water. The dough for pooris has to have a stiff texture as compared to the soft dough you prepare while making rotis at home. This kind of dough will help pooris to puff up properly.

4. When you fry pooris, the oil should be extremely hot. This is to protect them from getting oily or soggy. You can check it beforehand. Just when you are about to put pooris in oil, just put a tiny piece of dough inside and it should sizzle and come up on the surface immediately.

5. And of course, while doing all this, you must know that you just can’t put the flat poori into the oil. It could be dangerous. The idea here is to hold the poori in a vertical manner and slip it down in the oil gently from the side.

Take a look at the video here:

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So, next time when you head to the kitchen to make pooris, keep these tips in mind.


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