Watch: Food Blogger Shows The Right Way To Eat Dosa; Internet Finds It Unacceptable


It is safe to assume that dosa and idli are some of the most sought-after dishes in Indian cuisine. Healthy and comforting, we find these south Indian staples at almost every Indian restaurant. And, we love getting our hands messy when enjoying a hearty dosa. Scooping some of that flavourful potato mix with the crunchy dosa and finally dipping it in a hot and tangy sambar has to be the perfect way to enjoy the delicacy, right? While this might be the aptest way to enjoy dosa at home, we do have to follow certain etiquette when we are dining out, especially if it is a formal gathering. A food blogger has recently uploaded a video showing the ‘Correct way to eat a Masala Dosa’ and it has garnered some extreme opinions on the internet.

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Food stylist and blogger, Mansi Shiv Rathi had recently uploaded a video on her Instagram profile @_pizzandpie_ explaining how to eat dosa and the video didn’t sit quite right with the viewers. While some thought the idea was helpful and appreciated her, many felt it was of no use. This debated video has garnered over 474k views in the past few days along with 28.7k likes and 103 comments. Before we get to the debates in the comment section, take a look at the video here:

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The simple video shows how to eat dosa by carving a hole in the middle using a fork. The comments were divided if the technique was right or wrong. Many of the viewers appreciated the technique and wrote:

“Marvelous technique”

“Damn! Where were you all this time!!”

“I was this year’s old today”

“Thank you ab mein sharminda hone se bachungi” (Thank you, this is going to save me from embarrassment).

Many others, were pretty vocal about their dislike of the video and left comments like:

“Masala Dosa Etiquette Step 1 There is no Spoon/Fork”

“What. You don’t use a spoon or a fork while eating dosa. This is embarrassing and my day is ruined.”

“Wrong: you don’t use anything except your hands”

“A dosa is eaten with your hand actually, fork and spoon are not used by everyone.”

“This is definitely not the right way to eat a dose. As a South Indian, I don’t approve”

“I physically cringed watching this”

“Lol by using a spoon, as wrong as it could ever be”

“If you are using a fork, then you are done. It’s not the right way”

What is your say about the video? Do you think this is the right way to eat dosa? Let us know in the comments below.


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