Watch: Funny Video About Cooking In Front Of Others Is Making Viewers Scream Relatable


Has it ever happened to you that when you cook for yourself alone, it turns out perfect and when you do the same in front of someone else, you are bound to mess it up? It has happened to us more than we can remember, and we always wondered why! While we were living our lives thinking something is wrong with us, we came across a video that shows that it is, in fact, a universal phenomenon! A food blogger has put up a video showing how she struggles with the same condition, and it turns out we are not alone! Hundreds of comments on the video let us know that it is so much more common than we thought it would be.

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Monica is a blogger who likes to post about recipes and arts and crafts on her Instagram page @recipes_arts_crafts and her recent video about cooking in front of others has struck a chord with millions of viewers! The video had received 189k likes, 616 super fun and relatable comments along with a whopping 5.3 million views. Take a look at the video here:

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Some of the best comments left on the video are:

“Happens always…and then I will ask my mom why you came here”

“That’s me, that’s definitely me”

“Nothing can be more relatable”

“It happens then I say ‘laga di na nazar padh gaya sukkoon'” (Whenever this happens I say that they have ruined my cooking)

“Mere sath to har bar har cheej me aisa hota hai chahe cooking ho ya phir koi or kaam” (This always happens with me, either it is cooking or any other work)

“Exactly…every time my mom in law is watching”

“That’s because of “Pressure”. It’s the same as the exam pressure, where we often do silly mistakes.”

“Why is this so accurate…now everyone thinks I’m not good at cooking… and when I send them photos of something I made they be like mummy ne banaya hoga or tu photo leke bhejdi” (Your mom must have made it, you just clicked a picture)

“Universal truth”

“When I make it for myself, I make it perfect, but when I make it for my father or for someone else, I spoil it completely.”

“This often happens when guests come to the house.”

“So true this happens to me almost every time and also when I hype too much about a dish which I feel is my signature dish that is going to be sarvanash (ruined) for sure”

Have you come across a similar situation in the kitchen? Let us know if this is relatable to you in the comments below.


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